Information For Authors

Submitting a paper proposal requires:

  1. Registering your account
  2. Logging in to your account
  3. Selecting your role as an Author (!). You can verify your role by editing your profile
  4. Start a New Submission by clicking "Submissions" on the left side of the profile, then clicking  "New Submission"

The following guidelines apply to all submissions:

Review Statement

Authors and reviewers are asked whether they prefer Open or Double-Blind Peer Review, with the former only taking place when all the parties involved agree to do so. Double-Blind Peer Review (DBPR) entails that both the author and the reviewer are anonymous during the review process. In Open Peer Review (OPR), authors know who is reviewing their work and vice versa.

More information on this can be found here.

Manuscript submission

All manuscripts are considered, on the strict condition that:

(1)  The manuscript must be your own original work and may not duplicate any other previously published materials, which includes your own previously published work (except for i.e. unpublished conference proceedings).

(2)  The manuscript has been submitted exclusively to Criminological Encounters and is not under peer review, accepted for publication, in press or published elsewhere. Once the article is accepted, the permission of the Editor-in-chief is required to publish the article, and/or possible translations, elsewhere.

The manuscript of authors who fail to adhere to the above conditions will be rejected.

To facilitate anonymous peer review, authors should provide two title pages, one containing names, academic affiliations, full mailing address plus telephone, fax, email address, and one containing the title only.

The title should indicate exactly, but as briefly as possible, the subject of the paper. An abstract of no more than 200 words should precede the main text, accompanied by up to 5 key words and a biographical note of maximum 50 words.

Submissions should be sent exclusively through the Criminological Encounters website.


For further information about manuscript guidelines and publishing policy click here.