The Encounters of Sonja Snacken: Back and Forth: From Activism to (Social) Science, From Law to Criminology


  • Sonja Snacken
  • Steven De Ridder Local Belgium Police


criminology, penology, encounters, Snacken



Author Biography

Steven De Ridder, Local Belgium Police

Steven De Ridder is teaching assistant at the Faculty of Law & Criminology, Department Criminology at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium and PhD researcher of the research group Crime and Society (CRiS), research line Penality and Society. His research activities are under supervision of Prof. Dr. Kristel Beyens and Prof. Dr. Sonja Snacken. In July 2009 he graduated as Master in Criminology with a master thesis entitled: 'Right on the run? The reception of unaccompanied minors in Belgium'. Since October 2009 he is preparing a doctoral dissertation entitled: 'foreign national prisoners facing expulsion. The percolation of migration law enforcement into sentence implementation decision-making on release in Belgium'.