O contraprograma dos drones: Usos das tecnologias de vigilância nos presídios brasileiros


  • Simone da Silva Ribeiro Gomes Universidade Federal de Pelotas


The work deals with the dynamics of  surveillance technologies used by detainees and prison officers in Brazil and their  impacts on the prison system. The fieldwork carried out was qualitative, in prisons in the cities of Manaus, Fortaleza, Rio de Janeiro and Rio Grande, and included semi-structured interviews actors in the penitentiary system. Noteworthy is the organization and growth of criminal factions - with intra and extra prison action - from Drug Law No. 11,343 and its effects on criminal governance. It is discussed how  social control, a state prerogative, is shared by factions from the increase of their power, via recruitment within institutions. The ban on the use of cell phones in prisons is accompanied by creative and technological solutions for their grinding (outside shooting) such as the use of drones that face the agents’ firearms. There is a use of new technologies with an impact on the
dynamics of prisons