Stuck in the Carceral Web: Inmates' Experiences of Electronic Monitoring


  • James Richard Gacek Department of Justice Studies, University of Regina


The aim of this article is to examine the experiences of feeling and being "stuck" within the larger carceral web of people and practices associated with monitoring and managing the marginalized in society. Qualitative interviews were conducted with ten inmates from HMP Edinburgh who experience electronic monitoring (EM) in Scotland. By drawing upon carceral geography and mobility, I supplement the clarion call by researchers for a more detailed and spatial analysis of EM while giving voice to an unheard and marginalized population. Findings suggest that reconsidering these individuals as stuck sheds light on the issues they face with EM stigma, with sticking to the time of the curfew, and the pains of being stuck in place while their loved ones and their lives remain "on the move". In effect, bigger questions must now be posed to begin to ameliorate the issues of the excluded-as-stuck, as a greater concern for the expansion of the carceral state and the widening and diffusion of the "carceral web" calls for considerations into its disentanglement and reduction.