Hope in the trenches of resistance: Interview with Talíria Petrone


  • Talíria Petrone Soares Chamber of Deputies, Brazil
  • Ana Míria Carinhanha Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
  • Lucas Melgaço Vrije Universiteit Brussel


Talíria Petrone is a federal deputy in Brazil (2019–2022) who has undertaken remarkable work on the defence of human rights, on gender and LGBTQIA+ agendas and on support for Brazil’s poor Black population. She has also become closely involved with topics related to security and police brutality in Brazil. In this interview, among other topics, she talks about her earlier career, the impact of death threats in her political work and her proximity to the politician Marielle Franco, who was murdered in 2018. The interview was conducted by criminologist Ana Míria Carinhanha, based in Brazil, and urban criminologist Lucas Melgaço, based in Belgium.